Around the World, human and animal health is increasingly threatened by new and reā€emerging epidemics that spread easily due to globalization, and which are the more detrimental by the involved microorganisms often being resistant towards standard treatments including antibiotics. Further, foodborne pathogens place a burden on health and veterinary systems, while leading to reduced consumer safety and trade.

A potential breakthrough is provided by the recent advent of new DNA sequencing technologies, which make it possible to identify the sequence of all the DNA of disease-causing microorganisms within a few days. This provides microbiological laboratories the opportunity to address clinical, animal, and public health related questions reliably and timely. Questions that would otherwise only be answered by time-consuming and expensive laboratory-based analysis at the expense of fast patient recovery and consumer safety.

The ability to extract useful information from the vast amounts of data in the form of DNA sequences requires, however, complicated bioinformatics algorithms and access to high performance computing.

This is exactly what GoSeqIt offers.