The GoSeqIt Tools web-platform offers fast, reliable, confidential, and user-friendly characterisation of bacteria based on DNA sequences.

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When uploading bacterial draft genomes to GoSeqIt Tools, you will be able to get information on:

  • The quality of the bacterial draft genome
  • The bacterial species (1)
  • The Multilocus Sequence Type (MLST) of the bacteria (2)
  • Presence of acquired antibiotic resistance genes (3) and point mutations in chromosomal genes causing antimicrobial resistance (4)
  • Presence of virulence factors (for Escherichia coliStaphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus, and Listeria) (5)
  • Presence of plasmids (for Enterobacteriaceae and gram-positive bacteria)  (6)
  • Plasmid Multilocus Sequence Typing (pMLST) for plasmids of the type IncN, IncHI1, IncHI2, IncI1, IncF, and IncA/C (6)
  • The serotype of E. coli isolates (7)
  • The FimH type of E. coli isolates (8)
  • The E. coli phylotype.

The Bacterial Analysis Pipeline (9) and the E. coli serotyping (7) methods are also available via Illumina BaseSpace Sequence Hub.



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